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We are a creative company that focus on making handmade unique artistic masterpieces out of ceramics. Porcelain art is a combination of two artists Christos Bougioukos who specializes in crystalline glaze and Maria Sikioti who specializes in stoneware and reduction. Our Art Gallery is located in Athens Greece and our customers are located all over the world. We send our masterpieces via post in special protective packages. Please take the time to a look at our catalog. We would appreciate any feedback about our work or our website. We mostly work with porcelain and stoneware in which we create our creations in very high temperatures, and have succeeded in creating crystalline glazes in our product and lustre, & reduction. All our work is one of a kind unique hand made mastered art. We specialize in crystalline glaze which is very difficult to produce, the reward of making this type of porcelain work is great. Glaze crystals spontaneously form and grow in the molten glazes while at the same time the pieces are cooling in the kiln. The largest crystals in the porcelain can take up to twelve hours to grow. The size and shape of the crystal to a certain degree can be controllable through experience and careful attention during the firing cycle; the placement and number of crystals can not be determined or controlled, making each masterpiece one-of-a-kind. Our products range from crystalline glaze porcelain decorative plates, one of kind crystalline glaze vases, handmade porcelain bathroom sink basins, handmade glazed porcelain bathroom tiles, to home decor for walls and furniture. Become part of our Social Network by clicking on the facebook icon to the left. Thank you for visiting our website we are looking forward to hearing from you!